The Theoretical Learning Center Group of the Party Committee of the College held the second collective learning in 2022

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4月7日,The Theoretical Learning Center Group of the Party Committee of the College held the second collective learning in 2022,围绕“深入学习领会习近平总书记关于新时代人才工作的重要论述”主题开展集体学习研讨。Party Secretary He Daigui presided over the study and discussion and speech, President Chen Jianmao and other school leaders attended the meeting。

He Daigui request,要持续深入学习贯彻习近平总书记关于新时代人才工作的重要论述,牢固树立抓人才就是抓发展理念;要学习贯彻落实省、市两级关于新时代人才工作相关会议精神,Stand in the loyalty to support the "two establishment", resolutely achieve the "two maintenance" height,Closely integrated with college practice,Focus on the full implementation of the "three high four new" strategic positioning and mission tasks,Practice the theory of strengthening the country through talents,服务人才强省、人才强市战略;多措并举精准引才、系统育才、科学用才、用心留才,We will comprehensively promote the high-quality development of human resources,Create a new highland for college talents,To promote the high quality development of the college and to build a modern new Changsha to provide a stronger talent guarantee。He pointed out that talent is the most valuable wealth of the college's career development, and is the fundamental resource for the college to achieve the "three key goals", and it is necessary to unswervingly implement the first strategy of talent strengthening the school to the end, and constantly create a new situation in the construction of local application-oriented high-level colleges with distinctive characteristics。He stressed that we must unswervingly adhere to and strengthen the Party's overall leadership of talent work。强化责任落实,用好人才工作责任制的指挥棒;注重思想引领,谱好理想信念家国情的圆舞曲;发挥政治优势,立好使命担当聚人心的风向标。We must unswervingly train and gather a number of first-class scientific and technological innovation talents。聚焦“关键少数”,精准发力以更大力度开放引才;释放“强大磁场”,精密施策以更实措施构建平台;围绕“产业链条”,精细培养以更强信心自主育才。It is necessary to build a good atmosphere of attracting talents, cultivating talents and using talents to gather talents。坚持科学评价,实事求是最大角度的优化人才;坚持有效激励,深化改革最大限度的激发人才;坚持全面培养,完善配套最大力度的支撑人才。

All the members of the Party and government leadership team of the college have carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions in combination with the actual work。Su Jixie, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhu Huantao, Vice president, and Tan Lixin, Minister of the Organization Department, delivered keynote speeches。

Learning scene

Party Secretary's speech

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